RSS general secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi - Press Conference

  • RSS general secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi - Press Conference
    RSS general secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi - Press Conference
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Bhayyaji Joshi, for the first time, was selected for the fourth consecutive term as the general secretary  of the RSS. 'The team has been working since 9 2 years. During this 90 years, we reached 60 thousand places across the country. Bhaiyaji Joshi said that the team has increased due to the work done by the Sangh and that people accept the party too. 'When the team was banned, the team had doubled. I do not believe that the BJP came to power in 2014 due to the Sangh. At that time the situation was similar, 'he said. He expressed confidence that the people of the country will stand by the BJP in 2019.

He also clarified his role on the Ram Mandir issue. Ram temple will be there. There will be nothing more than Ram Temple at that controversial place. He said that after the decision of the court regarding the ownership of the land, the process of construction of the temple will go forward. They also supported efforts to resolve the issue on a consensus basis. It is a good thing if there is consensus on the Ram Mandir issue. But this year has not happened so I do not think there will be any solution to this issue. However, if there is any consensus, then he would welcome it, he clarified.

He also commented on the Nirav Modi scam in PNB Bank. This is a scam due to system errors. Such incidents should be taken seriously by the government and strict action must be taken

At this time, he protested against the statue of Lenin. Lenin's statue was cut off. His team condemns, he said. This time he pointed to the issue of political murder in Kerala. Longmarch of farmers will hit the Legislative Assembly in Mumbai tomorrow. When asked about this, the government should look at the questions of farmers sensitively, the question will be sensitive to the government

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