Press Conference Of Fadanvis On Demonitisation

  • Press Conference Of Fadanvis On Demonitisation
    Press Conference Of Fadanvis On Demonitisation
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'Money is still crying on banknotes, money launderers still save money. The fact is that the battle will continue, even after claiming that this money is being exhausted, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said.

The central government-sponsored note-shoot was done on Wednesday. In view of this, BJP leaders tried to convince the leaders about how the decision of the NOC was decided by taking a press conference in the state. If Chief Minister Fadnavis in Nagpur, then in Mumbai, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari gave a detailed account of the black money after the announcing, money collected from the bank, investment, money from abroad. The Chief Minister gave information about black money from the establishment of SIT. There was no loss after the ballot. Instead, he claimed that all transactions were smooth.

An amount of Rs 15 lakh crore was found in the country. There was no statistics about how much money was already available. There was no tax on it. Now the tax is getting paid. The transactions of Rs 2,69,000 crore were found to be suspicious. The amount of Rs. 9, 213 crores seized during the action taken by the income tax department has been collected from the Central Reserve. In the last 3 years, the number of taxpayers has increased from 3 crore to 6 crore 30. The rules for making benami property are notified by law. An agreement was reached with the respective countries for frozing overseas assets. 7 crore 63 lakh fake notices were found. After the anniversary, the rioting incident in Kashmir was 75 percent and the Maoist action reduced 20 percent. In Maharashtra, 53 thousand new registrations were registered for the VAT during November to May.

In the last year's October, when we got less than the objective, we got 19% increase in March in just 5 months, "said Fadnavis, who said that the establishment of bogus companies and raising the badge against the traders. There was unprecedented action to cancel the registration of two lakh 24 thousand companies. 50 thousand accounts of 28 thousand companies were frozen. There were about Rs 10,000 crore transactions. Mutual funds, number of bonds and shares buyers and investments grew. One crore workers were registered in EPF, ESIC. The government took concrete steps to improve the economy. It has succeeded in making the government payable to all the legalities.

Government has significant success in exposing black money and poor utilization of cash. The use of three lakh 89 thousand crores of rupees was reduced. Digital transactions increased. Digital businesses are also being streamed in rural areas as well as cities. Devendra Fadnavis said that many transactions which were not in any account before, came into the main stream of the economy in a year.

Refusing to have a negative feeling in business and industry, the Chief Minister said that a significant increase in demand and sale during the last year does not show negative emotions. Also, its reflection does not appear in the elections too.

Former Prime Minister When Manmohan Singh criticized the criticism of the nail-biting, during his tenure the economy of the country was the worst. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that the former Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan has come under criticism and criticized him.

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