Naval's mentality is anti-development: Nitin Gadkari

  • Naval's mentality is anti-development: Nitin Gadkari
    Naval's mentality is anti-development: Nitin Gadkari
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Union Naval Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari criticized the Naval for the development of the International Cruise Terminal at the Bhumi Pujan program of the Mumbai Port Trust and condemned it in raucous words. 'There is a committee of the Union cabinet to allow development works in the country. We decide that development decisions are not taken by force and navy. Navy has objected to the wave of the sea hotel. Now the naval came from Malabar Hill. ' He said, 'Naval officers are needed on the boundary of the place and go there'.

Gadkari said, "High court denied permission to Marwari Drive at Wangarhi Hotel in the sea in front of Malabar Hill. I have learned about it, that the navy has objected to it. Now I do not understand where the navy came from Malabar Hill. It is the mentality of making a development decision that has created obstacles in it. The beaches of Mumbai are for the general public. They should be open to the public, 'Gadkari said. "Often, the naval officers come to give me a place in South Mumbai for the house. You do not give any kind of support to such things. Why should every Navy officer get a place in South Mumbai? There is a need on the border. They need the Pakistan border on China border. Gadkari said, "There are no terrorists there," Gadkari said. "The Modi government in the central government has set up a committee for infrastructure in the country, and you are a member of that committee. So we have to come for development works. We take this decision, not taking the army or navy, 'Gadkari said.

There has been a lot of reactions on social media against the role of Nitin Gadkari on the Navy. Gadkari's statement said that since the supporters of Modi are always trying to catch the others in the side of the army, they have become in great danger.

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