Modi-Trump, met for the third time in 5 months, said, "Our friendship is important for Asia."

  • Modi-Trump, met for the third time in 5 months, said,
    Modi-Trump, met for the third time in 5 months, said, "Our friendship is important for Asia."
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Manila to attend the ASEAN Summit. On Monday, there was a bilateral discussion between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump. Both leaders spoke on several issues during the meeting.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Trump and said the relationship between India and America is quite old and strong. Both countries will work together for Asia and humanity.

This is the third meeting between the two leaders in the last 5 months, before that both the leaders met PM Modi during the US visit and the SCO Summit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the International Rice Research Institute in Los Banos, Philippines on Monday. Let us know that one of its centers will soon open in Varanasi. The Prime Minister also saw a photo exhibition here. In which the paddy cultivation, the centers that opened in Varanasi, etc. were explained in detail. The PM also talked to several Indian scientists working in IRRI during this period.

Officials from ASEAN's other India, Australia, USA and Japan, in the Asia-Pacific region, organized the first official meeting, shaping security cooperation under the proposed four-party alliance, in which strategically important Indo-Pacific region (Indo-Pacific) The issues related to making free, open and inclusive and promoting common interests were discussed in depth. Significantly, China is increasing its military presence in this strategic area.

After the meeting, all the four countries involved included their own statements, in which the discussion on the Indo-Pacific Ocean area was included prominently, and all the countries were to maintain the rule-based order and ensure the respect of international law in the area. Resolve to work for Why is this meeting important?
Between China's growing interference in the South China Sea, steps are being taken to create a group by combining four countries. China claims almost the entire part of South China Sea, while Vietnam, Philippine, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan are opposing it. The US has been accusing China of violating international norms on claims related to the disputed South and East China Sea.

Significantly, the ASEAN group includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. The 10-member ASEAN and India's total population is 1.85 billion, which is one fourth of the global population. Their total GDP is estimated to be $ 3800 billion. The trade between India and ASEAN was 65.04 billion dollars in 2015-16, which was 10.12 percent of India's total business with the world.

Apart from this 10-member ASEAN member countries, the East Asia Summit includes India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, America and Russia.

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