'Where do we go?'

  • 'Where do we go?'
    'Where do we go?'
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Legislative Assembly is the place where lawmakers are formed. Several important laws have been passed in the Legislative Assembly of Nagpur, such as eradication of superstitions. Often, there have been policy decisions on the atrocities on women and important discussions regarding their safety in this hall. However, the security of this area is not available in this area on which the responsibility for women police personnel is essential. Mata recently visited this area. All the women cleaners have been locked up at this time and the fact is that the time has come to shock the shame that the time has come to use the men's toilet on women police personnel. In such a situation, the women who have said, 'Where do we go?'

The winter session has come a month and the work of the Legislative Building has started. It's just like every year. Mata visited this area on this occasion. However, permanent deployment is not done as it is seen that the administration has neglected the buildings that are very important to the state administration. These buildings, which are floating in a span of time during the convention, are still lying in the vicinity. Mata recently visited this area. At present, it is found that there are women police deployed at present. In fact, it was found that women police was more than just a few. In this situation, the facilities provided for them are also not found in this area.

All the women who are in this area have stopped the toilet. Due to this, these women have to use male toilet facilities. These sanitary latrines are not too clean or in a good condition. In the worst case scenario, these were the sanitary toilets. There is a religious place next to the Legislative Assembly. There are some beggars in front of this place. They have to bear the misfortune of these beggars. Due to this, due to lack of proper sanitation in the area, these women employees felt constricted. In addition, the police have to bear the burden of the dogs in the Capitol area. The fact that the Public Works Department, which is responsible for the maintenance of this building, is not paying attention to the whole year except for the time of the Convention, the fact is that the 'Mata' was noticed.

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