The Door Of 'JEM' For The District Is Closed

  • The Door Of 'JEM' For The District Is Closed
    The Door Of 'JEM' For The District Is Closed
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The Center has launched a website called "Gift E-Marketplace" to get the campaign like 'start up india' to be speeded up in the real sense. This is the only website for government departments. All government departments are encouraged by the central government to make their retail purchases through this website, in fact, the government decision has been announced. However, purchases made for group plans have not yet been done because some of the district councils have not registered it yet.

More than 97 thousand products are available on this website today. The state government has also received information from some trusted sources that the government will soon take a decision on the matter. Some of the prominent officials working in the central government presented this concept in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This website was created within a few moments by Modi. The materials required for all government, semi-government departments and public companies are available on this website. Today, more than 97 thousand products are available on this website. This website is made available in the Government departments without the Tender Process. This is the government's attempt to make transparency in the purchase of government departments. Registered on this website in Start up India and other suppliers. Government believes that transparency will be easy to bring through all this process online.

All types of products are available and the government departments will be able to save time after the purchase process is completed on just one click.
There is no possibility of any allegations of corruption due to the online shopping process. Government Axis The opportunity to bid in the prices of products, because of the bidding feature

Chief Executive Officer, Office of the novel, Lucknow Balakwade has ordered that all the departments of ZP should register this website and buy the items they need. However, no other department has yet been registered on this website except the Health Department. Therefore, the collective schemes of ZP have been hit. When contacted Balkalke said, "All the departments have been ordered. All the departments have also started the process. However, some sections have not received 'User ID' and 'Password'. However, this process will be completed soon. '

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