Shoot With A Sword With A Running Bicycle

  • Shoot With A Sword With A Running Bicycle
    Shoot With A Sword With A Running Bicycle
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Principal Dr. Moreshwar Wankhede (61 Narendra Nagar) The confusion of how the killing of was justified On Monday. While going with his Motorcycle, Sagar Singh alias Paji Kapoor Singh Bawari (20), who was driving stared up wankhede's head with a sword, Wankhedge fell down from the Motorcycle after that Paji chopped on Neck with sward. An investigation has been reported from Ankit Ramlal Katevar (19, resident of Nildoh Slum), who had taken away the sword of Paji and made it four times sated up on Wankhede's body. Police also demonstrated this incident.

On Thursday Night around 8.00 PM Ankush Badge took Rs 600 from Shubham alias Bunty Chinduji Mohourle (22nd, Nildoh). Ankush and Paji both drank alcohol at 12 o'clock at midnight. By 3 o'clock on Friday morning, the fire broke out and they remained in Hingna area. Shashikant alias Sonu Chandrakant Chaudhary (19), Nildod, Paji, Ankit and Ankush, motorcycles came to Narandnagar bridge. As soon as Neeri crosses the entrance, Sonu will hit the mopeds of Wankhede and then they will come there and plan to kill 'Wankhede' with sword. Wankhede was seen walking from Mordad in Narendranagar. Sonu on a motorcycle, Ankush, Ankit and Paji started pursuing Wankhede by triplieth and other motor cycles. Four of them had a scarf on their face. As soon as Saimandar crosses, Ankushne boosts the speed of the motorcycle. They went in front of Sonu. As soon as Navi reached the entrance, Paji wanked Wankhede's head with a sword after running motorcycle. Wankhede fell down. After that, Paji threw his throat with a sword. It was found that, while grabbing a sword in the hand of Ankitne Paji, he wanked Wankhede four times and four others had escaped from Hehnai via Rahate Colony.

Threw Sword into the Wena River and Burned the Scarf.
After reaching Hingana, they threw the sword into the river Wena. Then they all went on a Dhaba. To take a tea. They also burnt scarf in the same Dhaba area. Under the guidance of the Deputy Commissioner of Police Smtna Patil, senior police inspector of Bajjnagar police station Dnyaneshwar R. Patil, Police Inspector Vaijayanti Mandavdhare, Assistant Inspector Nagtilak, Lodge.

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