Maharashtra Number One In Police Houses

  • Maharashtra Number One In Police Houses
    Maharashtra Number One In Police Houses
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Nagpur: Maharashtra has flourished about the houses of 24-hour 'police duty'. According to a report released by the Housing department, Maharashtra has been ranked number one in the country for the police quarters.

There are 5 lakh 9 2 thousand 406 quarters available for 19.89 thousand 295 thousand policemen operating in the country. The number of police stations in the country, compared to the total number of police personnel operating in the state, is reported to be very rich and satisfying among them. According to the data sent to the central government's home department by the Government of Maharashtra and the police force, there are around 500 well-equipped homes available for gazetted police officers till 1 January 2017. 12 thousand 212 houses are available for the assistant inspector general of police sub-inspector category. For the head constable and the constable category employees, 69 thousand 360 houses are in Maharashtra.

In the year 2016-17, an amount of Rs 90,662.94 crore has been incurred on policing in the country. The share of the states is 498.84 crores. Out of the budget of 270,763.93 crores of Maharashtra Government, Rs 9262.56 crores has been made for the police. That is, the percentage of gross receipts has been given to the police. This includes homeowners for the police. Before sending a report to the Central Government, a survey by the Police Department, 72.75% of police officers and employees are satisfied with the government accommodation provided to them, compared to Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. According to the sources, there are only tenteen police stations, 769 police outposts, 70 police sub-divisional offices and eight superintendent of police offices in the state. All the remaining offices and houses are government owned. Four thousand 798 police lines are still standing at the district level at government expense. At 12 level level and around one-third of the houses are standing at the state reserve police force level.
Look at police stations in the country

Maharashtra: 9,090

Uttar Pradesh: 69, 582

Gujarat: 62,755

Tamilnadu: 53,880

Karnataka: 41,367

Low House Areas

Andhra Pradesh: 21603

Haryana: 8888

Uttarakhand: 5118

Arunachal Pradesh: 3341

Goa: 1388

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