I am speaking Dawood ... the biggest disclosure to the underworld don

  • I am speaking Dawood ... the biggest disclosure to the underworld don
    I am speaking Dawood ... the biggest disclosure to the underworld don
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For the extradition of fugitives sitting abroad, the big campaign is being displayed by the Modi Government. Even under this campaign, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim started shaking his land.

It is very possible that for this reason, in 1997, he started knocking down the wanted musician Nadeem Saifi in the murder of 'Cassette King' Gulshan Kumar and not allowing him to come under the Indian law.

 Nadeem Saifi, who remained a member of a Bollywood musician couple in the nineties, has been living in exile in the UK for a long time.

On August 12, 1997, Nadeem was named as co-suspect in the murder of Gulshan Kumar in Mumbai. Three bombers blew 16 tablets out of a temple on Gulshan Kumar. Gulshan Kumar had died on the spot.

The call intercepts present till today helps in the fall of the murder of Gulshan Kumar, considered to be Bollywood's most sensational person, in the light of new facts. These tapes of recorded conversations since 2015 can be heard by expressing concern about Dawood.

According to sources, the person who is worrying about Dawood is none other than Nadeem Saifi. Conversation tapes reveal how a guy from Dawood is warning about a possible legal threat to the desired musician. What is the implication of the newly launched efforts of the Modi Government regarding the extradition of the musician from UK to the musician?

Underworld's special codewars can be used to communicate. Such as 'London Friend' and 'Ustad' to give an explanation of Nadeem Saifi. However, intelligence officers who decode this codeword language are identified as Nadeem Saifee for the person who is being called 'London Ustad' during the conversation.

Gurga- 'Sir, that friend of London has come in danger. Here, the prepation is given (order of preparation), he will raise it in two days. '

David- 'Kisko?'

Gurga- "That great master." I thought this is your hearing. Because circumstances can get spoiled, therefore 'preposition' is given ... two, three days. He has been asked to tighten his safety. '

David- 'Well, well ... he is talking about a man with his glasses. Right? '

Gurga-ji, ji ... 'that Karachi Chana Mursh'

Soon, David gives the green signal to the plan. At the same time, he also talks about walking with his men accordingly.

David- 'Okay, well ... I speak.'

These intercepts are also the most convincing evidence that Dawood's location has recently emerged in the recent times. Top intelligence sources have confirmed from  that these call intercepts are linked to the Mahfouz hideouts provided by ISI in Karachi.

Apart from these intercepts, there is also a possible alliance with Dawood Ibrahim of Nadeem Saifi. Explain that Nadeem Saifi has always been telling herself innocently that Gulshan Kumar is not involved in any kind of murder.

Nadeem Saifi has also rejected the evidence collected by the Mumbai Police in this case. Also, let us know that Nadeem has been successful in avoiding the extradition efforts of Nadeem Saifi.

In the intercepts Dawood fears that his location will be tracked by Indian intelligence agencies.

Dawood- 'Why do you call from there.'

Relative- 'ji..j ...'

David- 'Do not call from there, okay then I will talk.'

Former Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar has mentioned the conversation with Dawood in his book 'Doyle D for Dawn'.

 After listening to the audio clips, ACP N T step, posted in Thane's anti-extortion cell, tells a voice to David. A step taken for eight years in the Maharashtra Anti Terror Squad said, "The sound seems like Dawood Ibrahim."

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