Dispute Petition Against Nagpur Mahanagar Palika

  • Dispute Petition Against Nagpur Mahanagar Palika
    Dispute Petition Against Nagpur Mahanagar Palika
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Khasra No. 178 claimed to have owned a fair amount of ownership. In reality, this patch became four parts. The municipality owns measles no. 78/2/4. So, the construction of measles no. 178/1 is still in possession of the original landowner and the society in seven days. In this case, the court has already rejected the ownership rights of the citizens on the basis of this notice which has been issued to break the construction. If this is done by the corporation, it is illegal for the ownership to show and serve the notice. Yashwant Meshram has done this. He said that he will file a contempt petition against NMC in this regard.

Measles no. 178/1 is still the seventh of the ownership rights of Rokde, Revadkar and Tadas. On 178/2/4, the name of the corporation has gone up to Satara. 178/5 to Khaksara kamakshi Operative How Singh Society and Ramkrishna Bhotmange, Rajendra Bhotmage are named. So, no one else owns Khasra No.3. Manipane measles 178/1 has objected. Claiming that the ownership of this place belongs to Municipal Corporation, the house is encroached and hence the house has been issued due to the notice. The residents of Nehru Nagar zone, Rajesh Karade, have been shown seven-bahr. Moreover, the citizen has claimed to have rejected the claim on the ground as the court did not have any documents after going to court in this regard. However, Karad is not ready to accept it. He insisted on the court's suspension documents. In the petition, advocate Neeru Nagar zone assistant commissioner and Municipal Commissioner's claim to exclude the name of Adv. Meshram said. Therefore, Manapane has demanded immediate withdrawal of notice, claiming that the notice sent to the plot holders to break the encroachment by breaking encroachment is illegal and that it is illegal.

Atit was present on the occasion, Raju Desh Bharat, Bandu Borkar, Moreshwar Meshram, Sukhram Godghate and others were present. Meanwhile, on Friday, the NMC had gone for a 50-member police squad. After showing the documents, the police had some modest role. Now the citizen has also decided to give the statement of this to the Nandanwan police.

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Many officials in the Mantra make a strange decision. On one hand, they offer a house-to-house discussion. Even those who issued notice on the same day also issued notice to the house tax filling. The decision of the court in the court verdict is rejected. On the other hand, whether the court is adjourned in this case, will also ask. It is estimated that the officials of the Municipal Corporation are working hard.

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