“DIL SE DIL TAK” CSI and Peace Foundation Programme on Prevention of Heart Attack held on Sunday 27-08 2017

  • “DIL SE DIL TAK” CSI and Peace Foundation Programme on  Prevention of Heart Attack held on Sunday 27-08 2017
    “DIL SE DIL TAK” CSI and Peace Foundation Programme on Prevention of Heart Attack held on Sunday 27-08 2017
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Nagpur : Cardiological Society of India (CSI) Vidarbha Chapter in collaboration with and Peace Foundation had organised A painting Exhibition on” Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Heart” by school children and  Public EDUCATION Programme on “Heart Attack –How   to treat and How to Prevent Heart attack.”   Sunday 27-08 2017 from 5.30 p.m. at Scientific Sabhagruh, 8 Rasta Chowk,  Laxminagar, Nagpur. Dr. Pramod Yeole, Pro VC  RSTMNUparen was the chief guest Dr. Shishir Palsapure, Psychiatrist, and Shri Sharad Paliwal, Secrery, Nagpur Garden Club were Guests of Honour.  Chief Guest Pramod Yeole expressed anguish over the young generations habits of fast food, lack of motivation to exercise and technology driven working on computers and mobiles ignoring lunch times, proper diet and stress of competition and parental expectations. Leading to early heart  attacks. He urged parents not to put their dreams on their pupils and let them evolve by themselves. Dr. Shishir Palsapure said long standing anger has detrimental effect on heart and the stress causes heart attack.  one has to learn the stress management, inculcate healthy life styles  disciplines work  and  sleep hours balance, have support systems of  friends  and family members and physical activity sports, swimming, walking. Keeping positive attitude in all the situations will reduce the de effects of stress.

 Mr Shard Paliwal underlined the importance of hobbies like gardening which is not only engaging  physical activity but emotional bonding with   trees and their life cycle brings out hopes and divert attentions from stressful thoughts.  Many 80 plus senior citizens have roots of longevity to gardening   . The fresh air also helps in oxygenation and one feel relaxed in contact with the nature. 

Dr         Dr. Shankar Khobragade, Physician; Dr. Aziz Khan, Cardiologist; Dr. Prashant Jagtap, Cardiologist and    Dr. Jayashri Pendharkar , Dietician  were the speakers of   Education panel discussion.  of the public forum who   interacted with the audience and addressed common myths and misconceptions about heart disease and guide on prevention, first aid etc.  

Dr. Aziz Khan  said people should be aware of signs and symptoms of heart attack and must take treatment in 1st golden one hour to have good outcome. He asked to shun tobacco in any form and quit smoking, check blood pressure regularly after 40 and avoid the junk food.  Dr. Prashant Jagtap spoke on management of heart disease and when angiography is needed and arterial blockages and type of choices depending on the nature of underlying disease findings.  He spoke of safety measures to prevent heart attacks.

 Added attraction was free screening of Blood Pressure and Blood sugar at the venue.  Entry for the programme was also free.. Khobragade spoke on diabetes and its ill effects on heart, kidney and other organs. Dr. Anil JAwahirani conducted the question and answer session.

Dr.  Ram Ghodeswar,   President of CSI, made welcome speech & Dr. Pankaj Harkut Secretary, CSI, proposed the vote of thanks.  There were interludes of music and education where local artists of Mrs. Manisha Andulakr and troupe entertained the audience with melodious songs of “DIL|” and other emotional bollywood songs.

 The programme was well attended by public   in large numbers.

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