Dawood Ibrahim, the three properties of auctioned in Mumbai, know who purchased

  • Dawood Ibrahim, the three properties of auctioned in Mumbai, know who purchased
    Dawood Ibrahim, the three properties of auctioned in Mumbai, know who purchased
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The three seized properties of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim were auctioned today. It was bought by the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust for 9.5 crore rupees. Among these properties are the Raunaq AfroZ Hotel, Damburwala Building and Shabnam Guest House. For the last time Ronak Hotel, S Balakrishnan had bid 4.88 million, but could not repay the amount.

According to the information, Dawood Ibrahim's properties were auctioned between 10 am to 12 am in the Kilachand conference room located in Churchgate's IMC building. Swamy Chakrapani, who bought Dawood's car and gave it to the fire, was in the auction and was preparing to buy his properties but he could not get the breakthrough.

Swamy Chakrapani had announced that he would buy the property of Dawood and build toilets on it. Chakrapani came in the headlines when he set fire to Dawood's car in Ghaziabad. At that time, he had bought a car for 32 thousand rupees in auction in Mumbai. This was followed by a conspiracy to murder him.

In this case, Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested four people including Dawood's two operatives Junaid and Robinson. In the police's charge sheet, it was revealed that underworld don and Chhota Shakeel had planned a murder in Karachi. Money was also brought in Delhi through hawala for this.

In the hit list of Dawood Ibrahim, two big enemies have come out. Apart from Chakrapani Maharaj, the enemy of the D-Company, locked in Delhi's Tihar Jail, is a small Rajan. Dawood wanted to kill him in every situation. But after being arrested by Chhota Rajan's Indian agencies, her dream remained incomplete.

Let's say that on March 12, 1993, there were serial blasts in 13 places in Mumbai. About 257 people died in this. 700 people were seriously injured The mastermind Dawood Ibrahim of these blasts is believed to be. Since then, he is a warrant for India. Dawood has taken refuge in Pakistan. His business is spread in many countries of the world.

In many countries is his property. Dawood is known by many names, but in the underworld of Mumbai, people knew him as 'Muchadhar'. After escaping from India, Dawood constantly changed his name and identity. It is said that he also provided surgery for his face several times to change the situation. He has changed the name too. This is India's largest most wanted

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