Look what Devasena from "Aarambh" has to say about the upcoming series on Star Plus

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    Look what Devasena from "Aarambh" has to say about the upcoming series on Star Plus
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Nagpur: Star Plus has been instrumental in providing an array of daily soaps to entertain the viewers. From Star Plus and the writer of Bahubali & Bahubali2, K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, comes this magnum opus show, the story of which narrates the clash of two civilizations born and built out of two different existential needs; one desperately wanting what the other had and the other fighting to defend what they believed to be rightfully theirs. 

The story goes back to the time when the Dravidians ruled over the Indian subcontinent and the Aryans, the nomads from the west, were in search of Saptsindhu, the fertile land they had always heard about. The Dravidians had it all from fertile land to a flourishing civilization, while the Aryans were still in search of the land where their clan could settle down and flourish. 

On the Dravidian side we see Devsena, born in a matriarchal society and is groomed to be a queen. But she prefers her simple carefree life, as she feels that the throne will distance her from her father. As the would-be-queen, she is duty-bound to protect her clan from the Aryans. While Varundev, who hails from the Aryan clan, is a warrior down the ranks trying to restore respect for his father and fighting for Aryans to acquire the prosperous Dravidian land. 

Devsena (Karthika Nair), the heir apparent and an unparalleled warrior, born in matriarchal society will be seen heading the Dravidian clan to defend it from the ambush of the Aryans, who in search of Sapt Sindhu were willing to leave no stone unturned. This roller coaster ride of a show will transport the viewer to a mystical era where nothing is what it seems.  Karthika briefly shares about her role, “Vijayendra ji’s character of Devsena has been an extremely beautiful and strong girl. She is gracious and adventurous at the same time.”

This weekend magnum opus also marks the debut of Tanuja Mukerji on television as Hahuma, the spiritual leader of Dravidians, who is beyond time and is seen prophesying the future of Dravidians as well as Aryans. The legendary actress shared, “This role is distinctive in many ways. Everything she does is so well-crafted and I am glad to be a part of this project.”  Aarambh is driven by all the variants of the human emotions’ spectrum – love, jealousy, pride, hatred, greed and all the other shades in between and therefore, is set to keep the audiences intrigued and wanting to see more.  Commenting on the project, writer Vijayendra Prasad said, “This is a creation of a parallel world of heroism. My story of Devsena will be the first and only narration of a woman so strong that she could rule the world of patriarchy by knowledge and sword. This is the only project which has brought me to the small screen.” In an exclusive interview with Nagpurinfo, Karthika Nair explained in brief about her experience working on the television screen.

Nagpurinfo: What made you sign for the series?
Karthika Nair: Firstly when i got the offer, i was hesitated to work on the television screens, because it needs a lot of dedication and time and there is no break in between. But "Aarambh" not being a daily soap is a limited series which will be completed within one year. Having a chance to work on a amazing script written by Virendra Sir is what made me do this series.

NagpurINFO: How much time did you take to get into the character?
Karthika Nair: Well, the first episode was challenging for me as i had to perform many stunts dorning the Queen's attire with heavy jewellery, but apart from that, other episodes were a bit easy for me, as i had to wear a normal attire as Devesena is a warrior princess.

Nagpurinfo: How is your experince working with the other characters of the show?
Karthika Nair: My experience till now is very good, as i never feel like I'am treated like a princess on the sets. I'am accompained by Tanuja Mukherji mam, who is also from film industry, so it feels like home.

NagpurInfo: Is it like when you return back home you are still into the character carrying that princess crown?
Karthika Nair: No, I'am a very lazy person when it comes to being back home, whereas Devasena is a very adventurous girl. 

Nagpurinfo: Is there any kind off same storyline between Baahubali 2 and "Aarambh"?
Kathika Nair: No, there is no relationship between Baahubali 2 and Aarambh, as my series is a totally fresh concept. The only common think between the two is Vijendra Sir, who has written both the stories and the name of  my character 'Devasena'

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