People shocked at the door opening of the bank;

  • People shocked at the door opening of the bank;
    People shocked at the door opening of the bank;
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In Navi Mumbai, there was a case of robbery in the film style. Here at the Bank of Baroda in Juinagar, the thieves dug the tunnel and stole gold and silver ornaments in crores of rupees and lockers. On Monday, when the staff arrived to open the bank, they were surprised.

In the initial investigation, the police have found that thieves dug around 30 feet long tunnels and entered the bank with the adjacent shop. After that 30 out of 225 broke the lockers and stole crores rupees. It is being told that the shop next to the bank was given on rent. Since the incident, people living in the shop are absconding.

The police suspect that behind this loot Jharkhand is behind the gang. In this regard, the bank account holder Rupali Adagale told that he had come to open his locker in the morning. During this period, bank employees tried to open the door of the locker room, then the door was stuck in the open.

After this the door was opened with the help of some other companions, then find out about the robbery there. Information was given to the police. When the police went inside the tunnel, the other end was open in a nearby shop. It is being told that the bank is in the building named 'Bhakti Residency'. In the hall of this building there are ducks, ATMs and banks. At a distance of thirty feet, there is a store from which the tunnel was dug.

It is being told that the shop is Sharad Kothawal. He rented it to a person named Gena Prasad. It was found in the investigation that the thief was digging in the shop for the last five months. The thieves did not budge, and the thieves used the balls and ply for it.

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