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This temple is famous and ancient temple of Ganesha, and it is also known as ‘Tekadicha ganpati’. It is in front of railway station, this famous temple have its own importance because, few years ago, the idol of the Ganpati was identified below the shami tree, then the contemprory rulers reestablished this ancient idol and pay the honour  and respect to the diety considering it to be the diety of the town. 

The temple carries great among  nagpurians who daily attend its darshan however on chaturthi of every calender month and specially on til chaturthi of January a big congregation of pilgrims assembled he

Ganesh Tekdi Mandir is believe to be about 250 years old. The temple started out with being an ordinary tin shed with the idol. In the 1970s, the army took possession of this structure and improved it but the main change came in 1978. The construction of the temple was taken up as a big project and devotees donated generously to help the process. 

The present-day structure got shape in 1984 and it was accomplished by the late Shri Ganpatrao Joshi and a few other devotees. As time passed by, it was realised that the temple premises could not accommodate for the large number of devotees. The trustees of the temple appealed to the Defence Ministry which helped them acquire 20,000 sq. ft. more of the land.

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