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Ramtek, Nagpur is one of the main destinations of tourist interest in the city. Ramtek- named because it was graced by the sacred feet of Lord Rama and Sita. The fame of this place of Nagpur is to a great extent owing to the myths and legends that are linked with the place.

Ramtek is situated at a distance of 57 kms from the city of Nagpur in Maharashtra.It was here that the prolific Sanskrit poet Kalidas wrote his epic Maghdootam. Besides the Shri Ram Temple and the Kalidas Memorial, there is Ramgiri hill, Ramsagarlake. This place has been immortalised by the visit of Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman, hence the name Ramtek. The place is also famous as the place where the poet Kalidas composed his epic "Meghdoot". 

The main attractions here are the Ram temple which is more than 600 years old, as well as the Jain temple which has some beautiful carvings and sculpture.Ramtek is about 50 kms. from Nagpur. Nearby Place to be visiting. Khindsi: Famous mainly for its large and picturesque lake. Boating facilities are also offered. Khindsi is very close to Ramtek, in fact you can combine the two places in a single trip. Best season to go at Ramtek and Khindsi is to be on the month of July to January


Ram temple, which is more than 600 years old and Jain Temple, which has some beautiful carvings and sculpture are the main attractions of Ramtek. Ramtek is at a distance of 50 km from Nagpur. Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman were believed to be visited this place. 

Kalidas composed Meghdoot in this place. Ramtek...Called so because it was graced by the holy feet of Lord Rama and Sita, his consort. The Ramnavami festival forms the grandeur of the region, but obviously at the Rama Temple that stands proudly atop a hill. The land has been mentioned as Ramgiri, in Meghdootam, one of the fascinating works of Sanskrit poet Kalidas. The Kalidas Smarak, which adorns the hill too, is worth a dekko. The story goes that Shri Ram tarried here a while with Laxman and Sita. Hence, the name.

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