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The Maharajbagh Zoo, located in the heart of Nagpur city (1.5kms west) was established in the year 1894 by the rulers belonging to the Bhonsle dynasty. As the name suggest, Maharajbagh Zoo earlier known as 'Shikar Khana' is an amalgamation of a garden and a zoo covering an area of 10ha of land. The garden here termed as Maharaj Bagh has been converted into a botanical garden with a rich collection of herbs, shrubs, ornamental and aromatic plants, medicinal plants etc. The Zoo within the premises is the home to varieties of rare species of birds and animals. The zoo comes under the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) of India and is maintained by the Punjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth (PKV) of Nagpur. 

The zoo is home to leopards,  tiger, peacock and other animals. Of the famous attractions in the zoo - a pair of leopards – Julie and Gopal died of old age in 2006. The pair’s little cub is still in the zoo.

Maharajbagh zoo is one of the smaller zoos in India and has consistently faced a shortage of funds for expansion and maintenance. In 2006, the Ministry of Environment and Forests (India) ordered the Maharashtra government to close smaller zoos in the state if they did not comply with the 1998 National Zoo policy. These orders applied to Nagpur’s zoo as it lacked open enclosures for its animals. Among the 51 objections raised by CZA were that lack of a wall along the nearby open nullah, or water channel, could cause infections among the animals from Nagpur Muncipal Corporation helped build a wall and open enclosures and the zoo was cleared of notice

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