Zindagi’s rip-roaring comedy ‘TV Ke Uss Paar’ is a hit with audiences

  • Zindagi’s rip-roaring comedy ‘TV Ke Uss Paar’ is a hit with audiences
    Zindagi’s rip-roaring comedy ‘TV Ke Uss Paar’ is a hit with audiences
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  • ~Versatile actor Amita Khopkar visits Nagpur to promote the parody
    ~Versatile actor Amita Khopkar visits Nagpur to promote the parody
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Nagpur, 23rd November, 2016: Television shows today, have become an integral part of every household in the country and no matter how fantastic a scene or plot is, the viewers’ obsession with television is ever increasing. Zindagi’s new primetime show ‘TV Ke Uss Paar’ that airs every Monday - Saturday at 8.30 PM,is a tongue-in-cheek parody that highlights the masses obsession with television. The story revolves around Madhu Sharma, a home maker who is obsessed with television soaps. Veteran Marathi theatre actor Amita Khopkar plays lead protagonist Madhu Sharma and Aakash Ahuja plays her son Vivek in the show. Amita Khopkar visited Nagpur today and shared insights on the show that has audiences wanting for more.  

The parody is based on a middle-class housewife who is obsessed with the lives of the characters that she watches on television. After her children get busy with their work, she watches television and the lines between the real and reel world begin to blur for her as she gets entry into the TV world and interacts with her favourite television characters. Amita Khopkar said, “I’m delighted to be in Nagpur today and meet my fans and thank them for their support. The concept of TV Ke Uss Paar is very unique and refreshing. The show is a satire that depicts our society’s obsession with TV shows in a very humorous yet realistic way. I am lucky to get the opportunity to play the lead as playing the central character like Madhu is rare for actors of my age. Audiences who follow serials religiously every night do it by appointment viewing and they become so close to the lives of the characters in the story that they feel the happiness and the sorrows shown in the story. Madhu’s obsession with the stories shown on television is so severe that she develops the ability to go into the reel world and interact with her favourite characters and try to solve their issues and join in their joyous moments. The situations that she gets pulled in her real and reel world makes for plenty comic moments and hooks the viewer to what’s going to happen next. It’s a tough role to play but I’m enjoying every moment.”  

Produced by Sunjoy Wadhwa’s Panglosean Entertainment Private Limited, TV Ke Uss Paar is a comedy show that gives a reality check on how today’s society is obsessed with its over-dramatic daily soaps. The show promises plenty tongue-in-cheek humour about the current television scenario and its relatable content.

Enter the world of TV shows along with Madhu in ‘TV Ke Uss Paar’ every Monday - Saturday at 8.30 PM only on Zindagi

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