Story is the king of Marathi cinema

  • Story is the king of Marathi cinema
    Story is the king of Marathi cinema
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Nagpur:- PRAISING the ambience of the newspaper and the feel of a heritage structure, the cast of Marathi movie Ti Sadhya Kay Karte paid a visit to The Hitavada office topromote themovie, whichgotreleased on January 6. Director Satish Rajwade, actors Ankush Chaudhary and Abhinay Berde were at their candidbest andspoke at length on varied subjects ranging from promotionsoftheregionalcinematolove stories. Ofthethree,thedirectorwasmorearticulate and looked like a seasoned player. Shedding lights on the movie, Satish Rajwade says, “This is a hardcore romantic film, which depicts the three phases ofanindividual’slife.Eachoneofuswould experience a sense of deja vu and would feel that this is my story. Viewers would find an instant connect with the story as this is everyone’s story. It isanostalgic moment for all and the audience would feel like revisiting their golden childhood days again. Anyone who has fallen in love atanypointinlifewouldrelatetothefilm”, elaborates an articulate Rajwade.

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