Neha Dhupia dazzels the Nagpur audience with ommph of style

Nagpur : Fashion is something that represents your personality. It is something that keeps on changing with the passing time. The more comfortably you carry yourself, the more elegant you look. Blenders Pride Magical Nights dazzled Nagpur,showcasingmultiple reflections of style. The evening was an eclectic mélange of stylish designs and contemporary beats presented by ace designer Little Shilpa and musicians Karajimo ft. Apeksha Dandekar. Style today, has many facets and cannot be confined. It is a reflection of one’s multi-facetedness. It changes with one’s evolution, which keeps the world guessing what’s next. Weaving these reflections of style together Blenders Pride Magical Nights arrived in Nagpur.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Raja Banerji, Assistant Vice President, Pernod Ricard India, said, “Being multi-faceted, dynamic and constantly surprising the world is the essence of ‘taste life in style’ for our consumers. Blenders Pride Magical Nights brings the same alive through multiple reflections of style,with an eclectic mix of the most stylish in fashion, music and Bollywood. Blenders Pride Magical Nights continues to deliver a never seen before and exciting experience to the consumers.”

Walking the ramp with her sparkling charisma, Neha Dhupia charmed the audience with style and flair. Karajimo ft. Apeksha Dandekar thrilled everyone with a mesmerizing performance laced with contemporary beats and soulful vocals.
Little Shilpa’scollection was a unique amalgamation of past, present and the future. It was a stylistic collision with a touch of serene eighty’s nights in Technicolor splendor, resonating with present-day beat generation and through the looking glass, into a blended tomorrow.


Neha Dhupia, commented,“Blenders Pride Magical Nights is an iconic platform where style is redefined every year. The core theme of ‘Multiple Reflections of Style’ resonates with the evolution of my personal style which has been shaped by my trysts with theatre, fashion and Bollywood. I am thrilled to walk the ramp tonight and celebrate style.”

Having asked about how it feels being here in the city of oranges Neha said that whenever she gets a chance to visit Nagpur, she tries her level best to be here because this is one of  her favourite cities. Having asked about how it feels walking the ramp for Blender's Pride Magical Nights, she said, acting is a part of her career, but when it comes to walking a ramp, it probably feels like she is back to somewhere she belongs.

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