Saansein: The last Breath Movie Review

  • Saansein: The last Breath Movie Review
    Saansein: The last Breath Movie Review
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Story: Shirin (Sonarika Bhadoria), a singer, has a dark secret that has left her broken. Plus, anyone who tries to get friendly with her ends up dead. But that doesn’t deter Abhay (Rajniesh Duggal) from expressing his love to Shirin and also offering to help her out. 

Review: Horror films in Bollywood are more or less a combination of clichéd thrills, possessed women and sex; the last one pulling more people to cinema halls than the other two combined. Saansein’s formula is not very different but it doesn’t fixate too much on erotic scenes. There is a horny ghost of a jilted lover though. Yes, that’s the ‘horror’ you have to deal with. So our damsel in distress, Shirin, sings soulful romantic numbers at a happening club but every day, as the clock strikes 12.30 am, she disappears. After a guy dies under mysterious circumstances while trying to get too close to her, a police investigation begins and Shirin is the prime suspect. Soon after, our knight in shining armour, Abhay, comes to Mauritius and falls in love with Shirin. But love stories aren’t that simple, are they? One night, at the behest of Shirin’s friend and boss Tania (Neetha Shetty), Abhay witnesses the torture Shirin has to endure at the hands of a ghost (yes, the horny one). Turns out, the ghost is that of a jilted lover from Shirin’s ‘pichhla janam’. Well, who would’ve known? 

Saansein offers occasional thrills and catches you unaware at times, but for the large part, it’s only patience that can get you through. From people inexplicably dying, to a highly possessive ghost raping a mortal (a la Tabu’s forgettable film Hawa), Saansein veers from comical to illogical. Rajniesh and Sonarika add glamour, Hiten, who plays an exorcist, looks out of place and Neetha’s only job is to feel bad for Sonarika’s character. 

Grammatically speaking, ‘The Last Breath’ should be ‘Saans’ and not ‘Saansein’ but that really is the least of our concerns. The saving grace of the movie is a comparatively short running time.


Cast: Sonarika Bhadoria, Rajniesh Duggall, Hiten Tejwani, Neetha Shetty

Direction: Rajiv S. Ruia

Genre: Horror

Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes


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