Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review In Hindi

  • Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review In Hindi
    Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Review In Hindi
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Artist Khan Khan, Parvati, Neha Dhupia, Isha Shravani, Navneet Mark, Aman Sharma and Bridgender Black Director Tanuja Chandra 

Movie Type : Romantic Comedy

Duration 2 hours 10 minutes

Some of the Tanuja Chandra Glamor Industry are included in the list of known celebrity directors, who have come to make films without regard to the box office, which have certainly not been successful on the ticket window, but they have definitely prepared a special class for their films. Is of When Tanuja, who has made such great films like Bhat camp for Bhat camp, has done this time after the long gap, when it took the command of the direction of the film, it has become clear that this film is similar to the films of Tanuja like Bollywood masala The film will be away from the crowd. Now when this film is in front of the audience, after seeing it in the seventies, there is a reminder of Kamal Haasan, Rati Agnihotri's 'Ek Duja Ke', as well as Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt's '2 States'. Indeed, Tanuja's film also has a love story of North Indian and South Indian. Now it is different that Tanuja has presented this story in a completely different style from the previous two films. On the demand of the story, Tanuja shot at the location of the film in Delhi, Alwar, Rishikesh and Gagantok, and Tanuja's biggest love for this movie is to send the story of this sipal love and different type to the main cast of these characters. The USP has become.

Story: Jaya (Parvati) is South Indian and her age now is about thirty-five years old. Her husband has died a few years ago. Single Jaya is now looking for a life partner to renew her life after several years. Jaya's choice is not the same as others, she needs a life partner who understands her behavior, something that is like her. Jaya has put her profile on one site but she keeps getting some poor response from her site but Jaya does not care about them. Meanwhile, Jaya also receives the profile of Yogi (Irrfan Khan) on his profile. Yogi's age is also around Jaya. The yogi is a human being living with full bliss in manamausi and in his living world. The yogi is a poet but his identity has not been established. After seeing the profile of the yogi, Jaya decides to meet her. The yogi is intimate and versatile; he does not have anything to keep in him. He does not hesitate to say anything about his heart. Jaya is surprised when Yogi tells her about her last sweetheart with full honest, Jaya also invites her to meet him. Jaya is surprised to see the yogi's style and his thinking. Whenever the yogi calls him to accompany Rishikesh, Alwar and Gangtok to meet his beloved friends and to accompany him to learn about his own, Jaya also accompanies him in this special tour. . The Yogi remains surprised when his first husband's husband in Rishikesh calls him his brother and his children called Mama Ji. From here on the flight, train and taxi, the whole film revolves around Yogi and Jaya's Journey.

Review: Both Irfan and Parvati fit 100 per cent of their own characters. Parvati South is a known actress, she has done justice with her character. When Irfan comes to the screen, the audience sitting in the hall gets a chance to laugh a few moments. Neha Dhupia, Isha Shravani, Navneet Mark, and Brijendra Black in the cameo role have left their mark. Tuneja has to be praised who has made a part of the story of the song in the film. Filming of 'Jaane Do' and 'Finale Story' songs is fantastic, so the lesser the praise of the film's location is less. From taxi to airplanes and from the luxury class of train to the sleeper class, the senses are becoming senseless, after the location of Rishikesh, the location of Gagantok works to make the audience enchanting.

Why not see: There are two reasons to watch this movie. After a long time, see the film made of Tanuja Chandra's style. Now it is a different matter that this time Tanujja did not have magic like previous films. Irfan Khan's chemistry with South Actress Parvati is also worth seeing. However, the story's sliding away at a very slow pace and long scenes are the biggest drawbacks of the film. Apart from this, the audience will be called the drawback of the climax in advance.

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