La la land still unknown for Nagpurians!

  • La la land still unknown for Nagpurians!
    La la land still unknown for Nagpurians!
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While everyone is waiting for the 89th academy awards to praise the best out of rest, Nagpurians are still to known and watch the nominated movies in Oscars. Nagpur has multiplexes and some single screen theatres but not a single Oscar nominated movie has released here. According to film distributor Mario Fernandez he has tested and experimented with the Nagpur market by releasing an Oscar nominated film of 2016, Spotlight. But he realised spectators in Nagpur prefer to watch latest Bollywood films or sci-fi and action-packed English movies over serious cinema. 

Youth of Nagpur find it biased as they are deprived of watching such movies in big screens. La la land got the most nominations and it has created an interest among young audiences to watch it. City youth are being impatient to wait for these films to release in multiplexes, hence some have subscribed for an online movie site wherein they get to download all the latest films on their computer. While finding the less interest of city people for the serious movies in a first of its kind experiment, a popular multiplex chain will screen Oscar nominated films in the city soon.

CEO of a multiplex chain Kamal Gianchandani shares, "We will screen the Academy Awards nominated films in our multiplex in Nagpur from February 15 to February 26 as a part of our Oscar week celebration. We want that audiences in small cities like Nagpur must get an opportunity to watch quality cinema too." Admitting that these films don't find the niche audience in the city, Gianchandani adds, "I believe that markets grow as we continue experimenting. Audiences like many options in entertainment and I am sure that there are movie lovers in the city who appreciate and wait for such films to release on big screen."

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