Bipasha-Karan one year jubliee

  • Bipasha-Karan one year jubliee
    Bipasha-Karan one year jubliee
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That's true! We do not have any hold on time, so do our Bollywood Hottest couple Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover, who on this day, a year before i.e. 29  April 2016 got hitched in order to spend the rest of their life together.

Bipasha and Karan are one of the 'fit' couples Bollywood has ever had. And Instagram is the proof. The 'Alone' star keeps on flaunting her abs with her hubby 'Karan' in order to make people jealous (Well, eaxctly my point. We do get Jealous Bipasha). Not only this, their love life seems like an open book to their fans as the two never get bored of sharing their 'Awwww...' moments to the world. Well, Bipasha we really ENVY you girl yet we wish that your stars always remain to that position with your dazzling smile and Karan you gotta try harder to maintain that hmmm....

And for or all the Bips-Karan fans out there, we bring you their love-saga once again in order to relive the magic of their phenomenal journey till date.

We wish Bipasha and Karan a very Happy Wedding Anniversary!

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