Aishwarya and Anil's 'Fanney  Khan' shoot starts as soon as the accident begins

  • Aishwarya and Anil's 'Fanney  Khan' shoot starts as soon as the accident begins
    Aishwarya and Anil's 'Fanney  Khan' shoot starts as soon as the accident begins
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Shooting of 'Fanney  Khan' started, in which Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anil Kapoor are in lead role. During the shooting of this film, there is news of a crew member injured in Accident.

It is being said that 'Fanney  Khan' was shooting in the middle of the road and at the same time a motorbike crashed into the crew. The crew member was none other, but the third assistant director, who was crossing the road at the time.

According to the information, he fell down immediately after the injury and he was taken to the hospital immediately. Actually he was walking with headphones, because of which he could not hear the horn of the bike rising towards them. Explain that Aishwarya Rai was giving voice to the taxi in this perticular scene and after seeing the accident she ran on that side. However, the security guard prevented him from going to the spot.

'Fanney  Khan' is a musical comedy film directed by Atul Manjrekar. This story revolves around a 17 year old girl (Aishwarya Rai), who takes part in every singing contest, but never wins. In order to make her daughter successful, her father (Anil Kapoor) has kidnap one top singer of her country, which makes her singer's latest music singles grow very much, and seeing this, her manager is very happy. goes. She deals with the girl's father that if she hides that singer with her, then she will make her daughter a star.

In the film, Rajkumar Rao Aishwarya will be seen as Kelu's interest. The film will be released on April 13 next year. Rakesh Omprakash Mehra and Pritarn Arora are presenting the film. Actually, Mehra had seen the Dutch film 'Everybody's Famous', a nominated Dutch film for the Oscars in 2000, and he liked the story of this film. Mehra believed that the film's story could be adapted to make a great Bollywood movie. From then on he had begun buying rights for his story. Since the story of this film was too close to its producer-director Dominique's heart, it took too much time for him to convince and trust.

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